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The Dowsing Companion



(No of Pages 242)


(Requires ADOBE Digital Editions)



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About this book...

This book is probably the most up to date and comprehensive pendulum dowsing book available anywhere today. Full of how to's, dowsing tips, protocols, psychic protection tips and tools, and a simple system to learn dowsing easily and effectively, this book is a must for experienced dowsers and beginners alike.

Every page of this book  is packed with useful, practical and highly informative information, including step-by-step instruction in the fundamentals of pendulum dowsing, as well as some of the more advanced protocols, processes and procedures for more effective and personally satisfying spiritual dowsing experiences.

In addition, readers receive free updates and revisions to this book, as well as unlimited access to online resources, support and more on the dedicated web site for this book at:

The Dowsing Companion

By David Green

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