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Create Your Own Pendulum Dowsing Charts

If you require assistance, please go to Chart Software

Terms of Use

NOTE: You should use the link provided after payment to create your chart at the time of purchase. Please save your chart onto your computer as soon as it has been created. If you lose your chart there will be a £1.50 replacement fee

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First time users should read the instructions carefully first. Our online pendulum chart creating software works exactly as intended.  Simply create your chart, generate it and save the final pdf document onto your computer. Once you have previewed and generated your chart you MUST SAVE THE pdf onto your computer to avoid losing it.

Due to the low pricing of this service, and the disproportionate time involved in replacing links and/or lost chart designs, a replacement fee of £1.50 will be incurred for such requests.

PLEASE NOTE that some browsers do NOT automatically save pdf files, which means that you will have to save your chart manually when it is created to be sure of not losing it.

Created by dowsers for dowsers everywhere…

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