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Learn Pendulum Chart Dowsing



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About this book...

By David Green (Author of The Dowsing Companion, The Learn Dowsing Handbook and Psychic Self-Defence)

This book contains everything you need to know about chart dowsing, including dowsing protocols, dowsing etiquette, grounding and protection. Excellent for beginners who want to learn chart dowsing,  and even experienced dowsers who want to refresh their knowledge, the author provides the facts, the background, the tools and the strategies for effective chart dowsing .  This book also includes unique and exclusive access to more free online reader resources, making this more than just a book!

Written by David Green, the author of the best selling book, The Dowsing Companion (# 2 on Amazon in its category), this book will teach beginners everything they need to know to dowse effectively using charts, and it will almost certainly remind more experienced dowsers of some things that they may have forgotten over time.

Whatever your motive for reading this book, it will almost certainly be a valuable addition to your dowsing library.

Learn Chart Dowsing

By David Green

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