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Support & FAQ

Created by dowsers for dowsers everywhere…

Whilst we do provide a professional and considerate service, we do not provide 24-hour support, and because of time zone differences there may be delays in communication, so we would ask for your patience. Whilst we rarely experience problems with our system, user error can cause delays and frustrations, so please read all instructions carefully before doing anything.

To assist you and to avoid delays and frustration, we have provided a comprehensive list of questions and answers that will assist you should you require any help.

We are more than happy to assist you personally, but would ask you to appreciate that there may be time zone delays. Thank you.

What are your dowsing associations or affiliations?

Instructions for creating your own dowsing chart - How to use the software

I can’t find the product on my computer after downloading it

The link expired and I cannot download my product/generate a chart

Replacing lost charts

How do I use your discount code to CREATE a dowsing chart?

How do I use your discount code to PURCHASE a product?

The preview and or generate chart options didn’t work

I have tried everything but it still does not work

You have not replied to my email

I cannot read the MOBI file on my mobile device

If the above has not been of assistance to you, please submit a support

notice and we will do our best to assist you as quickly as we can.

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