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As dowsers ourselves, we appreciate the need for flexibility and freedom for dowsing sessions to express endless universal possibilities...

We were frustrated with the need to spend hours planning, preparing and drawing individual charts for the varying needs of our daily dowsing activities, especially when we felt that the time could be better spent dowsing. Added to that, we found that standard charts did not always include what we needed, and blank chart templates always had too many or not enough fields for our individual needs. In addition, making mistakes meant starting again or blotting out headings to re-write others. A chance meeting (or was it?) with some new like minded friends back in 2010 changed all of that and provided the answer.

That friendship over some years has led to many conversations about our challenge, and in 2013 we came up with the solution to our problem; and one that we hope will assist other

We have also added a range of resources that we find very useful…

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dowsers everywhere.  We simply put our respective professional skills together to develop a practical solution to our chart challenge. That solution became; a collaborative project between Dodo Publishing and

Whatever your individual dowsing chart needs may be, now you can create and design your own personal dowsing charts, download them and print them out freely, whenever they are required. We hope you will find our idea a practical addition to your own dowsing tool box of useful resources, and we welcome you input, feedback and contact at any time. Together we can make it even better!

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