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Learn Chart Dowsing

Everything you need to know about chart dowsing and more…

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Learn Chart Dowsing

No more standard templates and inflexible content… It’s quick and inexpensive!

Own them, use them, share them… the choice is entirely yours…

Create you own dowsing chart!

Make A Chart

For the first time anywhere, now you can design, label and download your own bespoke Dowsing Chart(s) for use in your own dowsing sessions! It’s quick and easy! and you can chose everything from the title of your chart to the number of individual fields you need. AND, you can download and print as many charts as you want.

Click here to create your own dowsing chart now with help! Software help Click here to create your own dowsing chart without help! Make A Chart


This book is probably the most up to date and comprehensive pendulum dowsing book available anywhere today. Full of how to's, dowsing tips, protocols, psychic protection tips and tools, and a simple system to learn dowsing easily and effectively, this book is a must for experienced dowsers and beginners alike.

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Create Your Own Dowsing Chart     -     Dowsing Related Books

The Dowsing Companion Created by dowsers for dowsers everywhere…

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